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Mod-Tap Behavior


The Mod-Tap behavior sends a different keypress, depending on whether it's held or tapped.

  • If you hold the key for longer than 200ms, the first keycode ("mod") is sent.
  • If you tap the key (release before 200ms), the second keycode ("tap") is sent.

If you press another key within the 200ms, the 'mod' behavior is also activated.


The Mod-Tap behavior either acts as a held modifier, or as a tapped keycode.

Behavior Binding#

  • Reference: &mt
  • Parameter #1: The keycode to be sent when activating as a modifier, e.g. LSHIFT
  • Parameter #2: The keycode to sent when used as a tap, e.g. A, B.




You can configure a different tapping term in your keymap:

&mt {    tapping-term-ms = <400>;};
/ {    keymap {        ...    };};

Additional information#

The mod-tap is a hold-tap under the hood with the "balanced" flavor and tapping-term-ms 200.