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  • Running tests requires native posix support.
  • Any folder under /app/tests containing native_posix.keymap will be selected when running west test.
  • Run tests from within the /zmk/app directory.
  • Run a single test with west test <testname>, like west test tests/toggle-layer/normal.

Creating a New Test Set#

  1. Copy the test set that most closely resembles the tests you will be creating.
  2. Rename the newly created test set to the behavior you're testing e.g, toggle-layer
  3. Modify behavior_keymap.dtsi to create a keymap using the behavior and related behaviors
  4. Modify test_case/native_posix.keymap for a simulated use case
  5. Modify test_case/events.patterns to collect relevant logs to the test
  6. Modify test_case/keycode_events.snapshot for to include the expected output
  7. Rename the test_case folder to describe the test.
  8. Repeat steps 4 to 7 for every test case